Free Standing Walls

In the history of New England farming, stone walls played a very important role and were used for fencing, property lines, and animal pounds.  Free standing stone walls remain a popular landscape feature, and their role has evolved from the simpler needs of confining livestock or outlining properties. A free standing wall along the border of a garden or a yard is an enduring reminder of the New England stone wall history, yet it is completely compatible with contemporary designs and lifestyles. In urban and suburban settings, stone walls can still help establish property lines and define an outdoor space, while also creating privacy, reducing road noise, conveying a feeling of security, and complementing the design of an existing landscape.

To minimize environmental noise, the stone wall acts as a solid privacy barrier, while the Chesnut Hill fence nicely accents the top of the wall. Partial views of the beautifully landscaped courtyard can still be seen by the occasional neighborhood passer-by while the owners enjoy their privacy. If the six foot wall was constructed entirely of stone, the resulting appearance would be that of a fortress and if only a fence is installed, the uniqueness and history of the field stone would be lacking. The marriage of the two offers the best of both worlds, providing an aesthetically pleasing barrier with the needed function of blocking noise and providing privacy.

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